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New York, NY

Izavel Varela is a fashion brand based in New York City.



Be environmentally-conscious without sacrificing the element of a sleek, minimalistic style! The ever-evolving line of earth loving fashion, IZAVELVARELA, began with the desire to organically enhance the standards of beauty by outfitting your lifestyle with custom pieces. 

Founder and Designer Isabel Varela stands at the forefront of fashion as a true conservationist who glorifies the art of design by continuously redefining the craft behind draping, pattern making, sketching and sewing. The label’s commitment to empowering women is expressed through the designer’s minimalist lifestyle and vision to re-address the natural fundamentals that enhance and redefine the standards of beauty.


OUR Mission

Mindfully sourced and locally produced every piece is uniquely created with a 360-degree element of detail at every angle. The methodical use of distinctive lines offers environmentally sustainable and socially sensitive staples for modern dressing.

Our transparent manufacturing is locally kept in New York, assuring goods are ethically created in worker-friendly conditions. We mindfully create fashion to strike a balance between design and sustainability with the infusion of material and nature.


OUR Vision

Here at IZAVEL VARELA Inc., we want everyone to know that there is a better way. We can choose a healthier lifestyle for our environment and for ourselves. We are wholeheartedly focused on producing eco-friendly organic fashion by:


  • Keeping manufacturing local and transparent in New York
  • Using organic, non toxic fabrics in all of our designs, materials such as organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, Cupro, linen and silk
  • Encouraging individuals to choose investment pieces through custom made garments with the option to alter and customize pieces in your current wardrobe
  • Responsible disposal of production waste: leftover yardage is used to make bags for clients or offered to other independent designers, and remnants are sent to a textile recycling facility,  where they are donated to crafters and schools
  • Conscientious application of printing and dyeing with less water-intensive digital printing for the silks, water-based silk screening, low impact and eco friendly dyes, use of domestic printers in New York, Louisiana and North Carolina
  • Hyper-focusing on made to order products to promote reduction in waste



Join the movement and become a conscious part of changing the world for the next generations that follow!




Isabel Varela transforms classic silhouettes by merging contemporary womenswear influences with an eco-friendly lifestyle and distinctive modern techniques. The brand’s collection epitomizes fresh, bold contemporary fashion laced with a natural effortless feminine edge. Isabel’s eye for meticulous tailoring detail and use of organic fabrics continues to influence the fashion realm, impact the environment and empower women across the globe. 

Intertwined with an artisan concept, the locally produced sustainable label focuses on the eternally-evolving modern woman. The ethical fashion collection is designed to nurture the environment and outfit the natural women who thrive in it.

Behind the architectural-inspired patterns mixed with fashion-forward aesthetic stands the holistic designer, fueling the American label. Isabel’s versatility and proficient knowledge in bespoke tailoring, belief in transparent manufacturing, and reducing waste policy spark the brand’s identity. The creative use of neutral colors encompasses the designer’s intuitive capability to transform street fashion into a ready-to-wear intrinsic lifestyle.