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Izavel Varela is a fashion brand based in New York City.


The Modern Day Hippie

Isabel Varela

Being green has become a synonymous word across all areas of our lives from the food we eat to the fashion we wear! Everything from our human anatomy to the environment works in unity as an ecosystem, and I want to share how this ecosystem transitioned health and elevated my brand. My holistic journey took my faux-selfish lifestyle and turned it into one that remains eco-friendly and minimalistic. Not all hippies do drugs and have low hygiene! You can call me a green lover … but I’m absolutely enamored by and appreciative of all nature. I am truly a wholehearted believer in living with the environment rather than against it.

My modern-hippie vibe ignited my love for living holistic and became my mission for my sustainable fashion brand, IZAVEL VARELA! I believe if you're eating clean than you also should live clean (and dress clean)! Not only are you helping yourself and the environment, but you begin inspiring others with your ooh so contagious green attitude. Around here, we want everyone to be aware that there is always a better choice and a better way to live! Whether it be present in food or fashion, we encourage you to become the hippiest hippie of em’ all!

Photo by Serg_Velusceac/iStock / Getty Images

In all seriousness, I am truly grateful for making these changes because they have improved my health, humanity and the environment. Don’t get me wrong this was a drastic change that influenced and elevated both my physical appearance, mentality and turned my business into an eco-friendly company.

It took this Louisiana girl two years and a New York City address to completely adopt this new sustainable lifestyle. Like any “New” Yorker, I indulged in all the wonderful conveniences that New York had to offer, but even after all the glam, fancy dinners and fashion galas there was still something missing and a bit off. I felt tired all the time, bloated, still battled with adult acne, sinuses every other week from all the processed food corrupting my body. I remember, consistently trying to eat better, but failing because I loved my bread and cheese! After my body decided to reject everything it knew, I had to quickly give myself an intervention and seek help. I did NOT want to see a physician, so like a true modern hippie I found a naturopathic doctor ... and at that moment on the corner of Union Square and 17th my journey began.

Ask any Cajun, it’s not easy removing gumbo and red beans and rice! out of your diet! It was a challenge that refocused my energy into fully adopting this holistic new lifestyle. So for two months, I rid all dairy, gluten, wheat, carbs, fruit, starchy vegetables and rice. You’re probably wondering what I was eating besides air and water, right? Let’s just say I ate a hell of a lot of eggs, almond butter, avocados and quinoa!

Of course, I had no choice but to quickly educate myself on healthier options where I quickly found out how many other vegetables existed besides lettuce, tomatoes and carrots! At first, it’s pretty exhausting looking down the isles wondering how I would survive eating nothing but these so-called vegetables, some I’d never even heard of.

Don’t get me wrong, I still found myself day-dreaming of cheese and bread every night while fighting my craving for sugar and sweets .... I can honestly say the first two weeks were the most difficult ones. After the third week something miraculous happened! My face, which had been acne-prone since I popped out out of the womb started to clear up. In disbelief, I remember wondering how long could this really last? As the next few weeks passed by, my face was still clear and I started to notice myself having more energy. Everyday was better than the last, day after day, I felt less bloated and my fatigue seemed to disappear. I guess when I became a true believer in this so-called eco-way-of-life was when I finally rid the box of Kleenex and nasal spray that religiously slept next to my bedside every night. Fast forward to today, and all of my symptoms have vanished with the exception of my occasional midnight cheese cravings! Despite these cravings, I make a conscious effort and choice to continue living as a true minimalist by incorporating natural elements into my life.

To fulfill my eco-friendly creative soul, I spend my time researching, designing and developing ways to work with the environment! As a true modern day hippie, I just say NO to toxic cleaning products too, and I am now creating my own natural cleaning supplies!  Over the next few months, I will be sharing my new organic ideas with everyone! 

My newly found minimalistic mindset has inspired a sustainable movement within my company. Stay tuned, I will be unveiling more on how you can start your very own green journey and sharing my latest EcoWear pieces that will have you looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. Remember, it’s your choice to live with the environment or against it. What will you choose?
Stay tuned for healthy recipes, eco-fashion and further insights on how to make health products.