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Izavel Varela is a fashion brand based in New York City.


What the heck did I do in 2017?

Isabel Varela

It has definitely been awhile since the last post however I have definitely been staying busy. Here are few of the highlights:



I was so excited to do an amazing collaboration with Make A Change World.  Both Gary Bencheghib and Sam Bencheghib of Make A Change World  kayaked down the #CitarumRiver in a boat made out of recycled bottles wearing Izavel Varela Shirts made out of Bamboo! 

The Citarum River is one of the most polluted rivers because of all the waste coming from household and also industry waste which includes waste from the fashion industry. This definitely made a huge impact and brought awareness to the the dangers that plastic has on the environment and humanity. They also were able to meet with others along the way that are also helping to reduce this pollution. 

Make A Change World is a media outlet and creative agency that is on a mission to do good by creating 100% original digital videos

To learn more about Make A Change World, visit









Another great collaboration was with REDRESS, Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry. I partnered up with them for the month of September to not only celebrate their 10th Anniversary but to also empower everyone to be more conscious of their wardrobe. I wore 10 different articles of clothing for 10 days, in 10 different ways! I also donated a percentage of my online sales to them! The pieces that I chose to wear were from my eco wear line along with 3 pieces that were each over 10 years old! Check out the slide show!

To learn more about Redress, visit



This year I took a vacation to Costa Rica, however it wasn't your typical getaway. I spent 5 days in Punta Mona, Regenerative Design and Permaculture Education Center.  I spent my days living in an open-air cabin in the middle of a jungle! I was definitely living with nature, eating off the land, and of course learning more about how to live in a zero-waste community. I fell in love with this location and highly recommend everyone that is up for an adventure!

To learn more about Punta Mona, visit


JULY 2017










I was really excited about this next opportunity! I created the costumes for Anne of Green Gables Part 1 by Royal Family Productions! What was really great is I was able to up cycle fabric to create the costumes! 



As you can see it was a very busy year! In between this projects I was also working on building more brand awareness, making custom suits for various clients, made a custom gown for a client attending the International Indian Film Festival Academy Awards, presented a speech on "How to Dress for Interviews and the history of Men and women's suits, hosted by Bloomberg and Fortune Society  and of course preparing ideas for my next event!


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