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New York, NY

Izavel Varela is a fashion brand based in New York City.


My Love for Art, Fashion and the World!

Isabel Varela

It is TRUE! My first love was art. When I was younger my days consisted of eating, playing outside, and creating some kind of art. I would use anything and everything as my canvas, even the floor to my parents garage! (OOPS)

Yes this is the floor of my parents' garage.

Yes this is the floor of my parents' garage.

It wasn't until the age of 10 that I started to see fabric as a source of art. I would watch my grandmother do alterations on garments while looking through fashion magazines. I started to appreciate the color, textures, and how the fabrics would lay on the body. Since I wore uniforms all my life in school, I made sure that on the weekends I would play around with clothing and create different silhouettes. Now in 2018, I still continue to upcycle my clothing.

My grandmother's alteration box

My grandmother's alteration box

Everyday I am creating new garments, deconstructing, and altering garments to create a new story and to express myself. However, it wasn't until watching the movie "TRUE COST" that my whole point of view on fashion turned upside down. I decided that if I am going to continue in fashion, then I am going to be part of the solution.  This is when my love for art and fashion combined together to form my mission which is to empower others to be aware of choosing healthier options in fashion. We know that the fashion industry is the second leading polluter after the oil industry which is causing great harm to the environment and to humanity. Knowing this I knew that I wanted to become a positive disruptor and decided to host my very first Eco Fashion Event. 

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The goal for the event was to be a zero-waste event, collaborate with like-minded individuals also making a difference in the world, work with veteran models, donate left over food to the homeless, and create art out of the flowers and left over things at the event. I also wanted to host a swap and upcycle event, host a silent auction and give the proceeds to a charity, create a capsule collection using only fabrics from past collections and to use the scraps of the fabric to make bags and to give my first presentation on the physical and psychological effects. Let's just say that everything was marked off the list! I appreciated everyone that came out to help, sponsor, and to support! 

Click on the pic to hear The most important speech of my life which starts at 2:06!


List of the Sponsors and Collaborators:

Prowess Veteran Model - Veteran Models
UpMountainswitchel - Sponsored Drinks
Weaving Hand - Weaved beautiful fabric from my scraps of fabric
Johnathan Vargas - Videographer
Maya Koshaba - PR Director / Model
Thomas Garza - Photography
Caite Winters - Brand Ambassador / Model

Mike Handleman - Host
DJ Pelau - DJ
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce - Sponsor

OM Indian Restaurant - Cater
Tosca Marleen - FAWAKA desserts
Land Gallery - Charity - Proceeds from silent auction went here
The Farm Soho - Location